Frequently Asked Questions

What are my advantages of a stock loan?


Immediate Liquidity

Stock loans provide you with immediate liquidity while allowing you to retain the upside potential of your stock position.

Risk Management

Stock loans help you mitigate risk and market conditions.

Portfolio Diversity

Stock loans provide you access to capital to diversify your portfolio and holdings in a creative way.

How Stock Loans Work

Our stock loans are a non-recourse loan against shares of non-marginable securities. The stock loan amount  is dependent on characteristics of the collateralized security including number of shares, price, volatility, and other criteria.

Simply transfer your stock to us and agree to make quarterly interest payments during the life of the loan, and in exchange, we provide you with a loan against the value of your stock. Once you fully repay the stock loan, your stock will be transferred back to you.

All of our stock loans continue to give our clients safe and completely confidential access to the underlying value of their securities even when they cannot be sold. For people who need access to capital quickly when they cannot sell their stock, a stock loan is ideal.

Why should I get a business cash advance?



How can I know which loan product is right for me?